I am Karin Kovalsky, born in Israel and later live in America and beautiful parts of Asia. Like many artists, I was inspired at a very tender age, my inspiration came mainly from my dad who was a talented sculptor/artist. Through his eyes, I had learned to see things from different angles and to appreciate the beauty in life may not always be perfect.

After graduating from the Hawaii Pacific University, I was offered an internship with the Honolulu magazine and subsequently a full-time job as staff photographer with the Pacific Basic Communication, Hawaii’s most prominent publication. During my engagement with them, my editorial work include lifestyle, environment business portraiture, fashion political and events coverage.

As I have always been curious about the mystical Asia, I left Hawaii in 2010 to move to Asia enabling myself to travel around while freelancing as a photographer. Having tasted the nostalgia of the Chinese culture I was fascinated by it and have later decided to move to Shanghai. I now work as a Creative Director a local Design Venture company ( DVF )  and if time allows I independently collaborate  with creative agencies and corporations here in China on food, product, environmental photography projects.  My passion still lies in capturing people at their moments, working on human portraitures.

Art is something that is a constant pursue in my work and I hope this will continue to be my inspiration – “Photography is the power of observation, it’s the process of learning to see.“ Ken Rockwell





追求艺术是我由衷的执着,希望这也是我永远的动力。“摄影是种观察的力量,它更是一种学习‘意视‘的过程” -Ken Rockwell